Llanfallteg Park
A Queen Elizabeth II Field in Trust | Green Flag Community Award

Support Llanfallteg Park, Make A Pledge, Donation, or Simply Visit us

Llanfallteg Park is managed by a team of volunteers who focus on maintaining this fantastic green space for everyone to enjoy. This includes general maintenance, grass cutting, facility upgrades and new park developments. All of our funding comes from fundraising events and kind donations. On rare occasions we have applied for grant funding, which has helped with specific projects.

The support of those who use the park and the wider community are fundamental to continuing the great work we do. From volunteering, attending events and direct donations, to visiting, respecting and keeping the park clean all help in the grand scheme of keeping this beautiful park open for everyone to enjoy.

You can support Llanfallteg Park in a number of ways;

One Off Pledge

Make a small one off pledge to show your support and join the many other pledgers of Llanfallteg Park

Supporter Donation

Make a donation of choice using PayPal or a debit/credit card securely online. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

Attend An Event

Join us at one of our fundraising events, you can find a list of upcoming events here.

Simply Visit The Park

Visit Llanfallteg Park and enjoy this wonderful space. Your visit alone supports our core goals, so come along.

We are incredibly grateful for all and any support you give us

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us here.