Llanfallteg Park
A Queen Elizabeth II Field in Trust | Green Flag Community Award

Registered Charity 519286
Llanfallteg Memorial Playing Field

Llanfallteg Memorial Playing Field is a registered charity in England & Wales, with registration number: 519286. The charities core duty is the maintenance and management of the playing field in Llanfallteg, Carmarthenshire. The charity is operated by a team of volunteer trustees.

The Park is entirely self funded and it is not owned or managed by the local County Council, like some other parks in Carmarthenshire. Operational costs are met by holding fundraising events and kind donations from people like yourself.

Playing Field AGM - Monday 2nd May 2022

Llanfallteg Memorial Playing Field will hold their AGM (Annual General Meeting) on Monday 2nd May 2022 at 18:00. It will be held at in the playing field.

Volunteer Trustees

Our current team of volunteer trustees is as follows (Updated May 2019):

If you're interested in joining our team of volunteer trustees, please read our information about becoming a trustee. Please contact our secretary with any questions you may have.

Meetings & Minutes

We hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in February / March of each year. Dates and times for our next AGM will be published when available. Members of the public are welcome to attend our AGM, as well as put them self forward to become a trustee. If you'd like to learn more, please read our information about becoming a trustee.

Published Minutes

We hold informal fundraising meetings throughout the year that focus primarily on event organisation and fundraising. Other formal meetings may be held as required, which are typically documented above.

A Community Space For Over 90 Years

History of Llanfallteg Park - Est 1926

Llanfallteg Park has a long and proud history spanning many decades since 1926. Its historic time line doesn't just tell tales of the playing fields creation and development, but the variety of fundraising and community events they held to sustainably provide this green space for the community to enjoy. From five a side football tournaments, to fun runs and community fun days, there's a rich history not to be forgotten, created by the many park volunteers in the decades gone by. Continue reading to learn more about The Parks History;

1926 - Memorial Hall Completed

In 1926 The Memorial Hall was completed. The ten original trustees from 1926 were;

  • Mr Daniel Adams | Glantaf, Taflennydd, Taf Alaw
  • Mr Benjamin Davies | Deflan
  • Mr E L Edwards | Station House
  • Mr William Gibbon |
  • Mr John Hancock | Dwrdi
  • Mr Henry Morgan | Llanfallteg Shop
  • Mr Ivor Morris | Headmaster at the C.P School
  • Mr John Nicholas | Llanfallteg Farm
  • Mr David Thomas | Tegfynydd

1936 - Conveyance 23rd June 1936

Trustees bought the field containing the Memorial Hall from HD Morgan of Compton House (Llanfallteg Shop) for £400 and agreed to pay back the amount over a period of years.

The Trustees at the time were (June 1936);

  • Mr William Ivor Morris | Plasycerrig
  • Mr Henry David Morgan | Compton House (Llanfallteg Shop)
  • Mr John William Hancock | Dwfrdy
  • Mr Edwin Lewis Edwards | Station House
  • Mr David Thomas | Tegfynydd
  • Mr Daniel Tafionydd Adams | Glantaf Isaf
  • Mr William Gibbon | Brynderw
  • Mr Benjamin Davies | Delfan
  • Mr Stephen Tafionydd Adams | Tafalaw
  • Mr John Nicholas | Llanfallteg Farm

1982 - Public Meeting 17th May 1982

At a public meeting held on 17th May 1982 the following trustees were elected

  • Rev Wyn Evans
  • Mr Ken Hughes
  • Rev Euros Evans
  • Mr Ronnie Morgan
  • Mr Morgan Nicholas
  • Mr Willie Reynolds
  • Mr George Adams
  • Mrs Betty Adams

1982 - Public Decide To Pull Down Memorial Hall

This building was put up in Llanfallteg in 1926 as a memorial to the men who fought and died in the first world war. It was a village hall set in a recreation ground for the use of the inhabitants "without distinction of political, religious or other opinions, including use for meetings, lectures and classes, and for other forms of recreation and leisure-time occupation, with the object of improving the conditions of life for the said inhabitants".

Llanfallteg Memorial Hall estimated 1985 Memorial Hall on the playing field estimated 1980s
Memorial Hall in Llanfallteg Park estimated 1985 Memorial Hall on the playing field estimated 1980s

As the years moved on and one by one all the original trustees died the hall and grounds were put to all sorts of improper uses - part was used as a garage; a holiday caravan was allowed to remain beside the hall; the field was rented out for grazing and hay-making. But it still fulfilled some of its original purposes - a place for welcome home functions for soldiers after the second world war; as a pavilion for cricket and football matches in the field on the other side of the river; there was a village ox roast here in 1978.

But the building became a danger spot for children, and local people decided in 1982 to pull the hall down and make the field a safe and interesting place for children to play. After years of hard work, legal wrangles and fundraising, a new set of eight trustees were appointed by the Charity Commissioners in January 1987. By 1988 all traces of the building in the photo had disappeared and the play area began to emerge.

1987 - New scheme approved by Charity Commissioners 7th January 1987

Under a new scheme, which is still used today, was approved by the Charity Commissioners and the following Trustees were elected:

  • Mrs Hilary Davies | Dolwen | (Nominative Trustee appointed by Community Council)
  • Mrs Betty Adams | Taf Alaw | (Co-operative Trustees to follow)
  • Mr George Adams | Taf Alaw
  • Mrs Catherine Raymond | Grove Cottage
  • Mr Kenneth Hughes | Penuchardre, Henllan Amgoed
  • Mr Arwyn Jones | 2 Glenview
  • Mr Michael Oliver | Rhyd Ddol Esgod
  • Mrs Grace C A Gardiner | 1 Glenview